Tulip Symbolism by Color

Tulip Flowers and their Symbolism

The Color of Specific Tulips Hold Intimate and Historic Meaning

“The tulip and the butterfly
Appear in gayer coats than I:
Let me be dressed fine as I will,
Flies, worms, and flowers
exceed me still.

~ Isaac Watts

Tulip Symbolism

The name of the “Tulip” flower comes from the headdress, known as the turban or taliban, worn by many people in the Middle East. The Latin translation of the turban is “tulipa”.

The great history of the Tulip, which reaches to the far corners of the world, has given it many strong symbolic associations.  As a group, Tulips represent fame, wealth and perfect love.

Perhaps because they bloom in the spring, following the darkness of the winter months, the Tulip has come to symbolize eternal life.

Tulip Symbolism by Color

The symbolic meaning of the tulip flower changes with the color of the flower.


Red tulips are a declaration of love and mean, “believe me”.

Red Oscar Tulip Bulbs

Red Oscar Tulips


Yellow tulips mean, “there’s sunshine in your smile”.

"Strong Gold" Yellow Tulip Bulbs

"Strong Gold" Yellow Tulips


Cream colored tulips mean , “I will love you forever”.

Maureen Tulip Bulbs

Creamy "Maureen" Tulips


White tulips symbolize heaven, newness and purity.

Inzell Tulip Bulbs

Pure white, "Inzell" Tulips


Purple tulips symbolize royalty and wealth.

Purple Prince Tulip Bulbs

Deep purple, "Purple Prince" Tulips


Pink tulips symbolize affection and caring

Upstar Tulip Bulbs

Pink, "Upstar" Tulips


Orange tulips symbolize energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion

Princess Irene Tulip Bulbs

Ornage colored "Princess Irene" Tulips


Variegated tulips mean, “you have beautiful eyes”

Mickey Mouse Tulip Bulbs

Multi-colored, or variegated, "Mickey Mouse" tulips

Tulips are a long time favorite of the spring garden and the meaning of a garden can be encoded in the color choice of the flowers. For example, a white tulip garden would symbolize “heaven on earth”, while a cream and red tulip garden would be symbolic of a deep and everlasting love. Planting tulips can be a very rewarding way to add symbolic meaning and beauty to your spring gardens.

Tulip Flowers


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